For the first time ever, we launch a wedding Website that only charges you on results! Yes, it’s true – you only pay for enquiries that you select. Plus, you will only ever compete with 2 other suppliers. No more enquiries sent to every single supplier – what a waste of time that is. Plus ALL enquiries 'match' your wedding business profile.

Here’s how it works in 10 Easy Steps

  1. A Bride Registers on My Weddingwebsite.

  2. She completes a series of questions about her wedding eg Wedding Location, Number of guests, date, Budget, Colour scheme, type of service required, number of bridesmaids, theme of wedding, her dream wedding idea etc. This develops a Wedding profile of her wedding.

  3. We then MATCH her profile to your business profile.

  4. She then Selects 3 Favourite wedding businesses per category that she would like to receive more information from.

  5. My Wedding Wizard will send an email to the selected suppliers with some basic information such as the Brides first name & date of her wedding – if you ‘Accept’ the enquiry you will be prompted to go to ‘Your Messages’ where her full details will be don’t want an enquiry, simply decline it and there is NO cost at all.

  6. In order to ‘Accept’ the brides enquiry and have access to her wedding profile / detailed information you should add credits to your Wedding Wizard profile account. (Purchase credits using Payfast secure payment Gateway when logged in to My Wedding Wizard website - Check under "My Account Balance" on your Dashboard to view your current credit balance and click to purchase additional credits using Payfast). If you have not yet purchased any Credits, you will be requested to do so in order to receive the full wedding profile.

  7. We recommend that you buy a small amount of credits up front, so there is no delay in you receiving the enquiry. If you do not use the credits for enquiry purposes within a 12 month period, you may use them on the My Wedding Wizard website to purchase other forms of promotion such as Banner Adverts or the Window Shopping page – that way they will never go to waste.

    We suggest you buy say R300.00 worth of credits to get you started.

  8. In order to get the most out of our unique software, please complete your Supplier Connect profile so that we can find wedding enquiries & brides in your area that ‘match your business profile’.

  9. Make use of the Window Shopping page – We all love to ‘Window Shop’, which is why we have introduced a unique method for Brides to view/shop for items they need for their wedding. When you upload your Profile Pics, the Wizard will automatically upload the same images to The Window Shopping page. These images will be automatically sorted by Category & Location for Brides to see. If a Bride wants more information about your Pic, the Wizard will send you an enquiry, so you can respond directly with the Bride.

  10. To be featured on the Window Shopping page simply Click on the Icon that says ‘buy Window Shopping page’ which is located under your profile. The cost is R349.00 including VAT for 6 months.

    To have your special offer advertised on the Home Page “Hot Deals” costs R299 including VAT for 3 months exposure to thousands of brides.

If you don’t want an enquiry, simply decline it and there is no cost at all. We will then send the enquiry to the next most suitable Supplier.

Should you have any enquiries, please send the Wizard an email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My Wedding Wizard – delivering results, not empty promises